Survey: Meat wholesaling to the GTA?
Small-scale farmers who raise animals on pasture, are you interested in collaboratively distributing into the GTA, maybe to larger buyers?
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GBCAE was invited to present at several conferences this winter, including Bring Food Home (Ottawa, Oct 26-29), Latornell Conservation Symposium (Alliston, Nov 21-23), the EFAO Farmer conference (Collingwood , Nov 29-Dec 1)
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Freeman Boyd passed away
GBCAE staff sends warm feelings to the family of Freeman He has been a much respected mentor for our group. We will miss you!
Grazing with Sarah Fleck!
Grazing workshop with Sarah Flack: Grazing School
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Our newsletter!
Our second annual quaterly newsletter...
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Introductory workshops on bee-keeping by Chuck Mitchell
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Eat Local Grey Bruce online
The farmer-driven co-operative Eat Local Grey Bruce has incorporated and starts its membership drive
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Grey Bruce Consumer Survey
For a group business plan for the Grey Bruce Distribution Alliance for local healthy food, we are asking interested citizens for their food needs and wants - please help us!
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Agroecology workshops 2015
We will run a three-workshop series on agroecological pest management on Thursdays, May 21st, June 23rd, and July 30th during late afternoon (4:00-7:00 PM). See newsletter for details!
Our first newsletter!
We have finally gotten around finishing our first newsletter! Thanks to all contributors!
Species At Risk
A new report from Freeman is online, a discussion of Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Pasture Operations with a Focus on Species at Risk .
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Knowledge Needs Survey
A survey on knowledge needs of ecological farmers in Ontario was conducted together with the Ecological Farmers of Ontario. Results will be presented during the first EFAO annual conference (Dec 5, 2014, 3:30-5:00PM).
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Food Matters: The Local Food Movement in Grey Bruce
The many benefits created by spending our food dollars locally will be discussed. (Harmony Centre, Owen Sound, Nov 27, 10:00-12:00AM).
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Agroecology Panel at Latornell Conservation Symposium
GBCAE is hosting and organizing a panel on agroecology together with the EFAO. We will introduce agroecology as a science, design principle and a movement (Wednesday, Nov 19, 2014).
Latornell Conference website)
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Food Matters: From the Neolithic Revolution to Genetically Modified Organisms
In this lecture we will learn about the evolution of western food production from the earliest times to the present (Harmony Centre, Owen Sound, Oct 23, 10:00-12:00AM).
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Bountiful Grey County: Our Agricultural Heritage
Freeman Boyd contributed to the exhibition at Grey Roots Museum on our agricultural heritage (Grey Roots Museum, OS, Sept 20, 2014 - May 02, 2015).
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First annual conference, EFAO
The Ecological Farmers of Ontario host their first annual conference for their 35th anniversary with over 30 intermediate and advanced level workshops on market gardening, livestock, soil health, seed saving, field crops and more.
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Agroecological Pest Management
Enough of pest damage or buying pesticides? The workshop will help horticulture growers understand weeds and bugs, and teach how to make and apply agroecological teas and sprays. September 13 (9am – 4pm) at Persephone Market Garden.
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Pollinator Monitoring
Workshop in Grey Bruce!

We invite ecological farmers, youth, environmental and community groups to particpate in our pollinator monitoring workshop on June 28 (2pm - 6pm) at Grey Sauble Conservation Authority.
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Educational Initiative
on Sustainable Food Systems

The Grey Bruce Centre for Agroecology launches a larger educational initiative on sustainable food systems, on the topics of Food Systems, Farm management, Food distribution, Market Gardening, Environment & ecology, Impact assessment, Home gardening, and Food preparation. Depending on the topic, courses and talks are targeted to consumers, market gardeners, or institutional employees.
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Pollinator Monitoring Project
With financial support of individual farmers and TD Friends of the Environment, we launched a pilot project on native pollinator monitoring on ecological farms and with community groups.
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Fresh City
Impact Report online

Please find the Fresh City Impact Assessment on our Publications page. The project was done in cooperation with Everdale and was supported by the Metcalf foundation.
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GBCAE at Bring Food Home
Two members of GBCAE present projects at The Bring Food Home Conference, Nov. 2013 in Windsor (ON).
Ontario Edible Education Network survey finalized
For the Food Education Outside of the Classroom subproject, stakeholders from across Ontario were surveyed on how to enhance food education and access of children and youth.
The Grey Bruce Centre for Agroecology is a group of farmer researchers working on policies and on-farm production research to benefit ecological farmers. Our members have academic degrees and professional experience, but most of us rely on farming as a relevant share of our annual income. With our combination of practice and theory, we see ourselves as a bridge between policy, research and practice. As a group, we have a wide range of knowledge, experience and skill sets that make us uniquely suited to understanding the strengths, needs and challenges of diversified farms. Our goal is to further the success of such farmers through our work with the public sector (policies, best practices, systems analysis) and all participants in the food system (production, distribution, advocacy, education).

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